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Construction Tech Specialist

[Job Description]: 

-Operate drones to capture aerial footage and conduct site surveys for construction projects. 
-Utilize 3D imaging equipment to create virtual tours and interactive models of construction sites. 
-Implement AI technologies and machine learning algorithms to improve construction efficiency and accuracy. 
-Collaborate with team members to integrate technologies into construction processes. 
-Provide support to team members on the use of construction technologies. 

-Prior experience in operating drones and familiarity with drone regulations is preferred but not required. 
-Proficiency in using 3D imaging equipment and software for virtual tours and modeling is a plus. 
-Excellent problem-solving skills and troubleshooting ability. 
-Detail-oriented with a strong commitment to data accuracy and quality. 

[How to Apply]: 

To apply, please complete the job application form. Thank you for your interest in joining us.

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